Multi-channel sales campaign

Our business to business sales campaign is affordable and the most effective way to reaching your client companies. You may know already who you want to direct sales or we can find you potential clients and partners.

When potential clients and partners and their contact information are known then we prepare sales material and execute the campaign.

The sales material can include:

  • Sales email template
  • Sales letter
  • Leaflet
  • Envelope
  • Phone sales speech
  • Website

The actual execution of sales happens in the following order:

  1. Send sales letter and leaflet by post
  2. Send sales email
  3. Make phone calls

Combining the three methods above increases the chance that the recipient will actually receive and understand the message. It also creates the biggest impression on the client and shows that the seller is serious about sales. All sales are naturally made in the Chinese language.

We will act as a link and assistant between the buyer and you, the seller.